The story of Exlibrio

The story of Exlibrio starts with the first messages written on cave walls...

However, the ancient history passed by fast. We winked at Gutenberg ;) who contributed a way for people to reach information and be able to touch and smell books.

We continued to move at the speed of light. We stuck out our tongue at Zuckerberg :P who taught hundreds of millions of people about Web 2.0 and about most of what there is to know about connecting people to each other.

In 2015, we found ourselves searching for names written and stamped among hundreds of books on shelves in the back streets of Taksim in Istanbul. In the books we found countless names: names of friends we had not seen for many years as well as notes with memories and names, some of them names of people unknown to us.

At that moment we decided to write the story of our dreams. We called it Exlibrio. We composed it from the Latin word ex-libris, meaning bookplate. Then we started to write the most magical story of the world, Exlibrio.

Today, from all over the world, we invite you to create and share the story of Exlibrio together.