Yes, of course!
We have already written it and some of us have done even better, they have stamped their names in their books! Needless to say, leaving a name in a book means “Give it back to me...” However, leaving a name in a book is also a fingerprint on it for the next reader to find. This is the magic that connects you with new friends! Put something with your name in your books and see the magic!

Exlibrio is a platform for magical connections!

Exlibrio is not a project to hold your information to sell a 3rd party company for making money.
It is a non-profit project, that encourages people to read more and doing a favor for others all while meeting with new friends!

First of all, you can search your name or other names whether other good people added your books to Exlibrio or not.
Secondly, you can add a book to make someone happy.
Then you can write to each other, kindly. And if you want, you can follow others to see their library.
That is it! Moreover, you can spend less time on your smart things and read more.

We made it up from the Latin word, Ex-libris! Ex-libris, is also known as Bookplate, means “From the books, library of...” in the Latin, to indicate book owner.

First of all, we need a name in the book! If there is here we go!
Upload photos of ex-libris, bookplate or inscription pages in the book and cover of the book. It is over. If you want you can add more information about the book!

IMPORTANT: After you added a book you can not edit it. If there is a wrong situation about it, you should re-add it again and delete wrong one.

It sounds great!
So if you want to try other things -pictures, old papers, press clippings, messages in bottles, old documents, lost properties, and etc. with AT LEAST A NAME- you can create a magical connection. Here you are! Do it!

This is the magic!
It’s up to you what you do next. You can share this exciting story with others and you can start a conversation with your new friend on Exlibrio. IMPORTANT: It’s your decision whether or not you decide to meet with another book lover. If you are unsure about a user’s authenticity play it safe and decline a meeting. Always meet in a public place – like a coffee shop or an used book store – to exchange, discuss books and make a friend.

With Exlibrio, tap “Send Message" on a profile page of user to send a message.

With Exlibrio, tap “Follow” on a profile page of user to follow.

You can not!
Consciously, we did not do that part! Because you need a reference. The reference is a book with a name on Exlibrio. As you know, without a book, the magic does not work!

Of course not!
We want you to keep away from smart things to encourage you to read more! We are writing you only when we find a book with your name in it! Otherwise you can change your e-mail notifications for messages, notifications and newsletters. To change, go to “Settings” and tap on “E-mail Notifications”.

Yes! Exlibrio is 100% free!

We are working on the Exlibrio App, but it is not yet up and running. For now you can reach Exlibrio by going to your web browser. If you would like to give funds to the Exlibrio App, send us a message from Contact.

First of all, we hope you will never use this information on Exlibrio! If you have to use it, we are really sorry that you are in a situation where you need to block a user. You can block a user by going to user’s profile page and tapping “...”. Then tap “Block”. To see your “Blocked Accounts” or to unblock them tap the “Settings” icon.

We need your help to make Exlibrio even better. In order to get in touch with the Exlibrio send us a message from Contact.

We are so sad to hear that you want to delete your account, but we respect your decision. Tap “Settings” and choose “Permission.” When you tap “Delete my account” your account will be permanently deleted.

Send us a message from Contact. A volunteer of Exlibrio will be in touch shortly.